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Rajarajeswari Besha of Maa Bhadrakali

Rajarajeswari Besha of Maa Bharakali

Maa Bhadrakali appears as RAJARAJESWARI for the devotees in the 3rd day of Saptamatruka Mahajagnya during Kali-Puja, mounting a lion and elephant and looks sublime in her queenly pink attire. Maa dazzles in all gold and silver ornaments and truly looks like a Rajarajeswari. Maa holds the Conch (represents the first sound OM), Discus (represent the chakra or the mind), Lotus (represents the fertility and all creation), and a Mace (represents mental and physical strength) in her four hands giving a strong message that SHE is the source of all strength and creation.

It is believed the glory remains intact with the darshan on this day.

Rajarajeswari Besha of Maa Bhadrakali

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