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The Beautiful Nature in the Rainy Season

The Rainy Season is also known as Wet Season. This season starts from the mid of the June and continues up to the last of October. There are most of deep depression, cyclone, flood occurred during this season.

The Official time for the Rainy season is mid June to mid August, two months, but it includes up to mid of the September. But in Odisha, it lasts up to the end of the October. People use to consider Durga Puja and Laxmi Puja as the end of the Rainy Season and Diwali as the welcoming time for the winter.

For many countries of the world, all the seasons are defined by the temperature of that place, like warm summer months and cold winter months. For those countries which lie nearer to the equator, the seasons become defined by wetter weather or drier weather, as the temperatures vary little though out the year.

The beauty of Mother Earth blooms in this season. From June 17, after Raja Parba the cultivation process starts in Odisha. In this season, all the trees turn in to green with new leafs. 

The season's raining started now and all are getting wet. School going students are enjoying the journey from home to school and school to home, where as elders are getting irritated from the rain. Yes, most of the people weren't happy due to deficient of rain and now they are also.

With this happy mode, we are sharing some beautiful snaps of the nature clicked during rains. Look how flowers are looking in this rain and how rain drops are looking beautiful.

* All these photos are taken by Suryakam Dey.

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