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The Story of Raja Parba

The Story of Raja Parba

Do you know the story behind the Raja Parba? It's a three days festival including two more days for preparation and the Basumati Snana.

It is believed that the mother Earth undergoes menstruation during the first three days. Menstruating woman means Rajaswala, from where the Raja word came.

People say, this festival is for women or girls, but it's for each and every Odia people. All enjoy in these three days. Yes, with some legends, girls and woman doesn't work in these three days and doesn't touch the earth in bare feet.

Raja Parba is a festival of happiness. People eat different types of sweets, pitha, fruits like Mangoes, Jackfruits, etc. And Raja Doli is the best thing about this festival.

Today we would discuss on,

Jackfruit (ପଣସ)


This is the season of Jackfruit and this festival has a high demand of Jackfruit. I really don't know why and when people started eating this one. But, in these three days, women and girls don't work at home and for that, maybe people started eating fruits like Jackfruit in these three days.
Khaja Panasa

Mango (ଆମ୍ବ)

Like the jackfruits, it's the season of Amba also. And maybe people eat this fruit, how they started eating Panasa on Raja.
Raja Amba
A few days, back I went to my old house in our village. There the neighbor sister-in-law had given these mangoes to me. And the image below is a click from the Bhadrak market which I had clicked on the Paniana days, which is the preparation day of Raja Parba.
Mango Market in Odisha

Litchi (ଲିଚୁ କୋଳି)

Now-a-days, people love to match their lifestyle in this new era. And the new era demand is for the litchi.
Lichu Koli

Poda Pitha (ପୋଡ଼ ପିଠା)

Poda Pitha is the main food in Raja Parba. Poda Pitha could be stored for days, maybe this is the reason to eat Podapitha in Raja. It could be easily stored for 3 days.
Raja Poda Pitha

Raja Pana (ରଜ ପାନ)

Pana or Khilipana is considered another main thing of Raja Parba. Usually, people offer Pana after the meal in various occasions like Marriage, Thread Ceremony, etc.
Raja Pana
Some people also eat Pana after their meal, but some chewing it every time. This is considered a happiness symbol. And with the happiness of Raja Parba, people use to chew this.

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