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Farming in Odisha: Some snaps from my village

Farming in Odisha Some snaps from my village

is growing crops or keeping animals by people for food and raw materials. Farming is a part of agriculture." This is what our Simple English Wikipedia says.

Odisha farming

This article also says, "Agriculture started thousands of years ago, but no one knows for sure how old it is. The development of farming gave rise to the Neolithic Revolution whereby people gave up nomadic hunting and became settlers in what became cities."

Farming Images in Odisha

But today, I'm here with some of my photographs which I've clicked on my phone and camera in my village. All these photographs are not taken on the same day.

Farming Images of Odisha

Farming Field in Odisha

Farming Photos

Indian farming culture

Indian Farming

Dhana Bila Photographs

Indian Farming in Rain

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