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Ivy gourd with poppy seeds (କୁନ୍ଦୁରି ପୋସ୍ତ)

Ivy gourd with poppy seeds (କୁନ୍ଦୁରି ପୋସ୍ତ)

Ivy gourd (Odia: କୁନ୍ଦୁରି), scientifically known as Coccinia grandis is a tropical perennial climber. It's a smooth, ovoid to ellipsoid berry and a relative of Cucumber.


Gentleman's toes, gherkin, baby watermelon, Calabacita, Calabaza Hiedra, Coccinia cordifolia, Coccinia Indica, Little Gourd, Ivy Gord, Kundru in Hindi, Tendli in Marathi, Kovai in Tamil, Kova in Malayalam, Tondikey in Kannada, Tela Kucha in Bengali, In Oriya, Ban-Kundari, Gourde Écarlate De L´Inde Tindola in French and Gol Kankri in Nepali.

Ivy gourd with poppy seeds (କୁନ୍ଦୁରି ପୋସ୍ତ)

Green points of Ivy gourd:

  1. Keeps the blood sugar level under check ☑
  2. Promotes skin health
  3. Prevents obesity
  4. Good for digestion
  5. Rich in dietary fibers
  6. Rich in iron and minerals
  7. Rich in Vitamins like B1 and B2
  8. Has plenty of Calcium as well

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Namrata Singh, an Odia food blogger born and brought up in Balasore, Odisha. She loves food photography, food styling, and a digital creator. 

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