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Maa Barunei and Karunei Temple

Maa Barunei and Karunei Pitha of Khoardha

Maa Barunei and Karunei Temple (Odia: ମା' ବରୁଣେଇ କରୁଣେଇ ପୀଠ) is one of the Shakti Peethas of Odisha. This temple is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Maa Barunei a manifestation of Shakti.

Way to Maa Barunei and Karunei Temple of Khordha, Odisha

The temple is located on Barunei Hill in Khordha district of the Indian state of Odisha. This place is around 30 kilometers away from Bhubaneswar, the state capital of Odisha.

Maa Barunei Karunei Pitha

The temple has idols of the twin goddesses Barunei and Karunei in the sanctum sanctorum. A beautiful stream flows from the hill which is known as Swarna Ganga, which enhances the beauty of this place.

Stairs toBarunei and Karunei Temple of Khordha, Odisha

History of Barunei Temple:

Rama Chandra Dev, the son of Prime Minister Danai Vidyadhar of the Bhoi dynasty established his capital at Khurda on the foot of Barunei hill. He received this place as a gift from Vala Vikram Singh of Kholapala.

Bagha Patra of Kokkal, Jhadu Parida of Ghoradia, and Sarani Patra of Mallipada these three persons had provided their support to Rama Chandra Dev for the construction of the Khurda Kingdom. Rama Chandra Dev named his new capital Jagannathpur Katak, after the name of Lord Jagannatha, the deity that was first reinstalled hereafter the sacrilege of Kalapathara.

Maa Barunei and Karunei Temple of Khordha, Odisha

Karunei and Barunei are two deities of the Khurda Bhoi dynasty. Jaya Durga and Kanak Durga worshipped in the residence of the priest are considered to be the substitutes of the presiding deities. During Dusshera these two Durga images were brought to Barunei pitha for worship.

After shifting of Bhoi dynasty capital to Puri Jaya Durga and Kanak Durga were also taken and installed there. Karunei and Barunei continued to remain in their original shrine at the foot of the Barunei hill.

Idol of Maa Barunei and Karunei of Khordha

During Dusshera sarees and mahaprasad of Jagannath temple are sent to Karunei and Barunei. It is said that Gajapati Purusottam Deva after defeating the king of Kanchi had brought Ganesh, Sakhigopal, Karunei, and Barunei.

Barunei and Karunei are regarded as khetreswari of Khurda fort and worshipped by the Paika community. It is mentioned that the Muslim invaders undermined the Sakti of Devi by sacrificing cattle and defeated the Paikas. A description of twin goddesses is found in "Bata Avakasa" an Oriya work of a great medieval poet Balaram Das.

N.B.: All these photos are taken by Manas Muduli, except the last one. The history part is taken from one article of Odisha Review written by Pabitra Mohan Barik published in October 2006.

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